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Apple Plans To Unveil 4in iPhone 5

Sources from Apple's Asian supply chain have suggested the next iPhone will have a different appearance, compared to all the previous models. The sixth generation iPhone from Apple is said to have a screen of at least 4 inches.

Apple is rumoured to have already ordered the displays, which are set to enter mass production next month. Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has signed deals with several suppliers, for these next generation iPhone displays.

LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display are all expected to produce these screens. Japan Display, the newest player on the market, was only created last month by three Japanese companies with the government's involvement.

Sources state that Apple is going to move away from the iconic 3.5in iPhone size. Five years ago, the company redefined the handset market with its iPhone, but the cutthroat competition is forcing Apple to adapt new trends.

The main rival, Samsung, has just announced its latest flagship smartphone featuring a 4.8in display, one of the largest screens available in a smartphone. Despite the global decline in mobile phone sales, Samsung has still managed to top the charts.

Now, Apple needs to keep up the pace. Also, to face the competition in the tablet market, the iPad maker is expected to size-down with the next tablet.

Source: WSJ

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