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Asus Patent For Notebook With Integrated Projector Spotted

The boffins at Asus are planning on fully integrating a mini-projector into their future laptops, or at least a couple of patents which have emerged indicate this to be the case.

A built-in projector is obviously something that would interest business people, in order to be able to deliver more impressive presentations on the go, without having to carry around a separate portable projector unit. Home users, too, might appreciate the chance to project video footage onto a bigger screen (or indeed white wall).

Asus has come up with two different potential designs. The first houses the projector in one of the hinges of the laptop lid, where it blends in neatly. The laptop can then be opened and stood on its end, in a V-shape, to enable the projector to work (raising it up a bit). Asus plans to add special "anti-skid" edges to the machine, to ensure that when it's stood on end, the laptop doesn't slip or move around.

The anti-skid strips might run all the way along the edges of the laptop, or could be limited to just the corners.

The alternative to this design is to simply have the projector as a fold-out affair, built into the side of the laptop screen. An even neater solution with less hassle, and no slippage issues to worry about, but it'll probably mean the projector unit can't be as large.

Asus notes that the projector might be a Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) affair, or a DLP module.

The patent was filed early in 2011, and made public this year, so it'll be some time yet before we see this piece of hardware in action (assuming it comes to fruition, that is).

Source: Patent Bolt