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BBC Details Digital Olympics Coverage

The BBC has spilled the details on its Olympics coverage, which will include 24 live HD streams on the Beeb website, mobile website, and a free Olympics mobile app.

The primary channels for TV coverage will be BBC1 and BBC3 - with BBC1 only breaking for the news, when BBC2 will take over. There will also be extensive coverage on Radio 5, and a temporary 24 hour digital radio station, Radio 5 live Olympic Extra, will boost that further.

There'll be all this, plus the aforementioned 24 live HD channels - which are being taken on by Sky, Freesat and Virgin. Freeview and BT Vision viewers will have red button access to a 24 hour channel of extra Beeb Olympics content.

The 24 live streams will be available on the BBC Sport website for desktop computers, and will show some 2500 hours worth of coverage. A mobile site will mirror most of that desktop experience, plus there'll be a mobile app, which will also come to connected TVs such as the Sony Bravia range as we'd previously heard.

The streaming coverage will provide the option to rewind, should you have missed the start of an event, and will provide "chapter markers" to swiftly access key moments such as a medal winning dive. Live stats and data will also be served up to viewers.

Dave Gordon, BBC Sport's Head of Major Events, commented: "It's serving audiences in a way we've never been able to do before. From even more extensive coverage on TV, radio and online to mobile phones and tablets there will be unlimited content available. The technology is now in place to offer the ultimate choice for our viewers and there will be times when we will have up to 24 screens of sport."

Source: BBC