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Civil Servants Don’t Understand G-Cloud

A new survey conducted by VMware has shown that the leading techies in the public sector are rather negative about the G-Cloud project.

When it came to the question of whether the government would achieve its set target of 50 per cent of new IT spending to come through the cloud, almost two-thirds of senior IT staff in the public sector said they were "unconvinced" this would happen.

Eighteen per cent of those pessimists felt that the need to maintain legacy services would scupper the target, and 17 per cent cited obligations in terms of existing contracts. Twelve per cent said security worries would prevent the target being reached. A lack of understanding of cloud technology in general was also noted as a contributing factor.

Only 19 per cent of the near 200 IT big-wigs questioned by VMware said that they felt the government had managed to communicate its G-Cloud plans to the public sector effectively, a woefully low number.

Fifty-nine per cent of respondents said they were undecided as to whether they'd use the G-Cloud to obtain services, so all in all, it was a pretty gloomy response to the project.

Roger Bearpark, assistant head of IT at the London Borough of Hillingdon, said of the G-Cloud: "It is not a time to be shy. This is an agile and fluid proposition that demands wholehearted support. It must also become unacceptable to offer up the usual refrains harking on about cost of transition, complexities, legacy systems and the protestations of being ‘unique'".

Source: Business Cloud 9