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Court Docs Reveal Activision Ordered Infinity Ward Hacking

Court documents have revealed that Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, personally ordered the hacking of the computers of Infinity Ward directors West and Zampella in an effort to dig up a reason to fire the pair. There had been rumblings at the time that both Jason West and Vince Zampella had been meeting secretly with rival FPS producer, EA.

Apparently when remote hacking email wasn't good enough, Activision execs even considered staging fake fumigation or fire drills as a method of getting the two IW higher ups away from their machines long enough to extract some damning information.

Ultimately whether any information was gathered or not, West and Zampella were both summarily fired. The dispute has somewhat calmed down since then, but there is still an ongoing court battle between the pair and Activision, in an effort to get hold of what is considered to be unpaid royalties. So far the publishing giant has gifted over $40 million, though a lawyer acting on behalf of the pair has said he hopes to get between $75 and $125 million altogether.

The money is going to be split between the 40 or so Infinity Ward employees that worked on the critically and commercially successful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare title.

Source: Develop

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