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Exclusive Pics : Meet LG's 84in Ultra Definition LED TV

It's not as massive as the 103in display from Panasonic but LG's Ultra Definition TV which was announced in December 2011 and showcased at CES earlier this year, is still a cracking piece of technology.

We went very close, up and personal with the model on display at the World IT Show 2012 in Korea. Unfortunately, still no details as to when or whether it will come to the UK and if yes at what price.

The display panel can reach up to eight million pixels, that's four times the resolution of normal full HD displays at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

The TV also features an ultra thin frame (relative to the size of the panel) and is thinner than many TVs half the size. It is wall mountable and has four HDMI ports.

Add in 3D capabilities (albeit passive) 3D Depth Control, Cinema 3D that uses Film Pattern Retarder, 3D Sound Zooming, LG's own Smart TV ecosystem, LG's Magic Remote and an embedded 2D-to-3D conversion, and you have a very promising, stunning-looking, awe-inspiring display. Check the pictures of the beast below.


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