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G-Cloud 2.0 Could Be Delayed Until June

The second incarnation of the government's G-Cloud project has seen its launch delayed by at least several weeks.

G-Cloud 2.0 was expected to float live in early May, but obviously that hasn't happened, and now the Cabinet Office has confirmed that a delay has pushed things back to late May, possibly even early next month.

Why the hold-up? That much isn't clear, as no reason was given. Previously, the new head of the project, Denise McDonagh, suggested the start of May date was a deadline in a "civil service" way (i.e. not likely to happen).

G-Cloud is a framework designed to provide the civil service with hosted computing and storage, and version 2.0 will have some major cloud players on board who didn't sign up in the first instance.

Namely, Amazon and Salesforce, who turned their noses up at G-Cloud 1.0 over the potential legal obligations of signing up. Those legal issues have apparently now been clarified.

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude has suggested the project will facilitate big savings for the government, estimating the cost of launching to be £5 million, and the savings made to be in the region of £350 million (although he didn't stipulate over what time frame those fiscal benefits would be felt).

Source: The Register