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GameStop Slashes Pre-Owned Hardware Prices In UK

The UK arm of GameStop has announced a pre-owned price cut, bringing down the prices of all second hand hardware to impressively low levels.

In the market for a Nintendo Wii? Now you can get one for as little as £49.97. An Xbox 360 250GB Slim edition? All you'll need to put down is £129.97. Sony PlayStation 3? Just £189.97 for a 250GB version.

These prices all represent massive drops from the full retail price. The Wii is normally found for almost £70 more, costing around £120 for a brand new version. The preowned Xbox costs around £50 less than usual and the PS3 can save you £100 depending on where you look.

All offerings come with a one year warranty and if you get the Xbox, you'll be given a one month Xbox Live Gold Membership to introduce you to online multiplayer. Apparently you'll get some fancy new GameStop specific packaging too.

However GameStop isn't the only one looking to shift pre-owned hardware. HMV has also bottomed out its prices for second hard consoles recently, offering the 250GB slim PS3 for just £180.

Tesco has also been dropping its prices, offering the bottom line 4GB Xbox 360 for £150, as part of its new "home of gaming" initiative which saw the supermarket attempt to gather up as many of the jaded GAME customers as possible.

Source: GameStop

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