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Google Docs Adds Built-In Web Search

A brand new toolbar has arrived in Google Docs, allowing the user to tap into the search engine without even having to leave the comfort of the online productivity suite.

The ‘research pane' was announced in a company blog post from Software Engineer Sarveshwar Duddu, who explains that, "With just a couple clicks you can look up maps, quotes, images, and much more".

The pane can be accessed via the Tools menu, with a right-click on a word offering research into that term or subject. Search results can be added by clicking the insert button, while images can be dragged straight into the document.

It's a slick little feature. And could certainly spare you from tab overload at the top of your screen as you supplement your essay, report or itinerary with those crucial pearls from Google research.

Duddu promises the development will, "make your writing process just a little bit more efficient", and having consulted the research pane to the right of our document in the making of this article, who are we to argue?

The research tool will appear on the right hand side of any document, away from the editing area. A search can be initiated simply by typing in the search bar and users can narrow search queries to specific types of results by using a simple drop-down menu.