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HTC Ville C Specifications Leaked

Specifications of the next rumoured HTC Android device have now been leaked online. The details are for the HTC Ville C, which looks to showcase a new version of the Sense UI.

The new HTC Ville C appears to be a more affordable version of the One S, with the new device featuring the same eight-megapixel camera as in the One S.

Differing from the One S, the Ville C will feature a single-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon S3 chip, as opposed to the 1.5GHz S4 monster, found in its bigger brother.

The Ville C will also boast a 4.3in AMOLED screen, 1GB of RAM and will run from the Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich' 4.0 platform.

The Ville C is also supposed to showcase the new version of Sense, 4.5 - the next generation of the HTC Android interface. Sense 4.0 can currently be found on the One family of devices, already on the market.

HTC has announced another more affordable Android device this week, the HTC Desire C. The HTC Desire C features a 3.5in screen, with 320 x 480 resolution. This device runs on a 600MHz processor and has 4GB of internal memory.

Source: BriefMobile

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