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iMacs Could Feature Retina Display

Now that Apple has showed us what it can do with the Retina Display on its iPhone and iPad, we want more. The latest hearsay on the matter is that we are going to be introduced to an iMac range featuring high-resolution screens pretty soon.

The same could be true for the new MacBook Pro line, as well. Hints have already been embedded in the latest Lion update, as we've previously reported.

In order for Apple to develop Retina Display iMacs, the company's engineers would have to come up with a way to up the pixel density from 100-130 pixels per inch, featured by the current iMac models, to 160-170 ppi.

This creates some technological difficulties, as expected. The developers will have their own problems with such a high-resolution display.

The new range of pixel density would generate changes in user interface elements, and icons developed for 160-170 ppi would be too small for the users to easily view.

This means that all apps would have to be updated for the new resolution. Apple might still find a way to offer the Retina experience to iMac users without quadrupling the current screen resolution.

David Barnard explains: "Apple could build a 3840 by 2400 pixel 27-inch screen that presented itself as a pixel doubled 1920 by 1200 pixel display. That's effectively an 84ppi screen @1X and 168ppi screen @2X."

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