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iPad To Be Used As Remote For Apple TV?

Recent information relating to Apple's plans suggests the company will allow the iPad to be used as a remote control for its upcoming HDTV. Apparently, Apple is working on a 'tablet-as-remote functionality' that would allow iPad users to navigate through the TV channels by use of remote control apps.

The platform will feature an enhanced user interface, and that the remote control software for the iPad is still in its early stages.

It does, however, point to specific details, like the fact that the app will work in a similar fashion to that of the existing TiVo app for the iPad. High-profile channels such as NBC, ESPN, or ABC will have their own apps within the software.

The dual combo of Apple's HDTV and iPad means a better interactive experience for the viewers, like watching a programme on TV whilst the iPad provides the user with additional information.

For instance, when the user is watching a sport event, the iPad will display game statistics, upcoming games, and show other information related to the screening.

However, Business Insider traced the origin of the information rather dubiously.

"We spoke with an industry source who has spoken with someone who used Apple's TV remote control software on the iPad."

We can't wait to hear from someone who spoke with someone else some more detail about Apple's new feature.

Source: Business Insider

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