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ITProPortal Noon Roundup 17-05-12

Apparently the work being done on the next iOS version is reaching its final stages. A recent 9to5 Mac report revealed that one app developer recently noted the "iOS6" string when collating the OS version from analytics software. This could point to a June release, although reports on the matter are conflicted. Some say Apple will release iOS 6, codenamed Sundance, sometime around autumn.

A new survey conducted by VMware has shown that the leading techies in the public sector are rather negative about the G-Cloud project. When it came to the question of whether the government would achieve its set target of 50 per cent of new IT spending to come through the cloud, almost two-thirds of senior IT staff in the public sector said they were "unconvinced" this would happen.

Google has revealed plans to tweak its search engine and make it a more "human" experience via the introduction of a "knowledge graph" system, which will roll out in the US first, and then worldwide. The knowledge graph is all about giving its search engine a better understanding of search terms and their relationships, rather than just simply and mechanically sift through keywords.

The second incarnation of the government's G-Cloud project has seen its launch delayed by at least several weeks. G-Cloud 2.0 was expected to float live in early May, but obviously that hasn't happened, and now the Cabinet Office has confirmed that a delay has pushed things back to late May, possibly even early next month.

O2 UK has begun to roll out the fastest variant of 3G currently available - DC-HSPA, dual-cell high-speed packet access, which may see some mobile download speeds double. Whilst it's not 4G, it is an improvement over the current 3G connectivity. The variant of DC-HSPA that O2 UK is providing has a theoretical maximum of 42Mbps, double that of the HSPA+ version of 3G that is currently more widespread.