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Man Jailed For Call Of Duty Hack Trojan

A man has been jailed for a year and a half for distributing a supposed Call of Duty hack that sneaked in a trojan horse, allowing for the theft of credit card details which he then sold on for between $1 and $5.

Twenty-year-old Lewys Martin from Kent used the trojan to monitor users' keystrokes, meaning he could easily catalogue financial details of his victims. In all it's thought he stole and eventually sold on the credit card details of more than 300 individuals. However it's impossible for the authorities to ascertain how much he made from the endeavour as the money is held in an offshore Costa Rican bank which refuses to cooperate.

Ironically Mr Martin nearly got away with it, only being caught when he tried to steal computer equipment from Dover colleges. His sentence was even deferred for a year to allow him to pursue a computer course, but again he was caught breaking into a college.

It was initially hoped that the course would allow Martin to use his considerable skill for more productive means, but the court's trust was evidently misplaced. Defence council Thomas Restell said: "It is clear that he is too clever for his own good and being that clever found it too easy to use that knowledge for nefarious purposes."

If anything this is a good warning for those that want to use hacks for games, as there is very little quality control. At the very least run any download through a couple of virus scans before using.

Source: Kent Online

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