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New Firefox Web Browser For Android Is Ready For Testing

The new Firefox for Android Beta is now ready and available for testing. The app has a new, redesigned look that complements the Android user interface, with performance enhancements and better support for Flash, along with third party plugins.

Mozilla released the new beta with a request: "We need your help as we continue to refine the beta and get the new Firefox for Android ready for the world, so take the beta for a drive on your favourite websites and please file a bug if you have any problems."

Announced in the Mozilla blog, the new version of Firefox for Android Beta has kept features such as Firefox sync, add-ons and the tabbed browsing experience, but with some new additions.

Released in this version of Firefox for Android Beta is a new user interface with an "Awesome Screen", support for Adobe Flash and faster page loading times and start up.

Firefox for Android Beta is supported by a wide range of Android operating systems, from Android 'Ice Cream Sandwich' 4.0, right back in time to Android 'Froyo' 2.2.

Mozilla also claims to have fixed some issues with this new version of Firefox for Android Beta. Resolved issues include: previous tab sessions not re-opening on launch and reloading the page inadvertently changes the zoom.

Mozilla Firefox for Android