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Parents Find Hilarious Note From Girl About Password Protecting Computer

Most 7-year-old girls can get quite possessive over their toys, but this young lady took this meaning to an entirely new level after fearing her Internet privileges would be taken away from her.

Voicing her concerns the only way she knows how, she put down how she felt in words no parent ever wants to hear:

"If you put a pas wword on that I will make your life a nitmare"

Whilst the spelling isn't up to scratch, her intentions are clear for all to see. The picture was posted on the Reddit site by one of its users, surprisemailbox, explaining that a friend's little sister had left the note by her parents' computer.

It's unknown whether this threat has worked or backfired, but either way, I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of this kid. Who knew orange paper could be so threatening.

Source: Huffington Post