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Amazon To Launch New Front Lit Kindle In July

Amazon will launch a new version of its Kindle eBook reader in July, reports Reuters, citing a source who has seen the prototype.

Despite online speculation that the new device would be colour-equipped, it appears it will instead be a monochrome e-reader with front lighting. This will be a welcome addition to the device series, as consumers have long complained about having to attach an external light, for reading in the dark.

The updated Kindle will be a touchscreen e-reader featuring an e-ink display and will come in either 3G, or Wi-Fi versions. Prices are likely to stay the same or increase by a small margin, according to the source.

This is a return to form for Amazon and a move toward the more traditional monochrome e-readers, after its recent departure into the Android tablet market, with its Fire device.

The company is also expected to release a new, 8.9in version of the Kindle Fire, which won't be available in the UK, until later this year.

Source: Reuters