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Apple Beats RIM, Nokia, HTC In US Customer Satisfaction Index

The newly released study from the American Customer Satisfaction Index reveals that there is no longer a dilemma when choosing between an iPhone and a BlackBerry. Research In Motion, once the most wanted brand among smartphone users, is now lagging far behind the market leader, with embarrassing satisfaction scores.

On a scale of 1 to 100, Apple managed to score 83 points whilst RIM achieved 69 points. Overall, the customer satisfaction within the smartphone industry has dropped slightly by 1.3 per cent, now reaching 74.

American customers are even less happier with the providers in the wireless industry, with satisfaction falling by 1.4 per cent for the score of 70. When it comes to mobile handsets, Apple is the only company to achieve a score above 80.

Nokia is up 3 per cent compared to the last report with 75 points, similar to that of LG and HTC. Motorola on the other hand dropped 5 per cent, now at 73.

Previous reports scored Apple a little under Amazon in terms of customer satisfaction. At the time, online buyers were happy with Apple's services. ASCI's studies are based on 70,000 interviews with American customers.

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