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Apple Is Closer To Securing Domain Name

According to information from The World Intellectual Property Organization, Apple has a big chance at gaining ownership of the domain. The WIPO took Apple's side in the dispute, with the previous owners.

On WIPO's website, the case is labelled as "terminated". As a result, the domain owners are expected to relinquish ownership.

This doesn't mean Apple plans to name the next handset the ‘iPhone 5'. This would make no sense, since it would be the sixth generation iPhone and not the fifth.

They cannot call it the iPhone 4G, either, because this would generate international confusion, similar to the issues the new iPad faced in Australian and British markets. Apple has a far more unpredictable naming strategy.

Apple seems to only want to protect the iPhone trademark with this move, although the company didn't fight to secure the domain name. Previously, the domain hosted a forum where Apple ethusiasts were chatting about Apple's products, and debating the latest buzz in the industry.

The website owners have stated that the website is "not endorsed, sponsored, nor otherwise affiliated with Apple" and it is meant "for the sole purpose of entertainment and knowledge." The domain was registered in 2008.

Source: TNW

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