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Australian Company Purchases Lumia Phones For Staff

Bridgestone, Australia's largest wholesale and retail tyre distributer has purchased over 140 Nokia Lumia 800 smartphones for its staff. The deal was sealed in a partnership with Nokia, opting for the Windows OS instead of its rivals of Apple and RIM.

According to the company, Nokia has managed to "steal" the contract because its Lumia 800 phone has a better integration with Bridgestone's existing suite of products, including Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer and Outlook.

In a statement made today by Scott Baxter, group IT manager for Bridgestone Australia, the company acknowledges that the Lumia 800 "gives us the best of both worlds - seamless integration with familiar business well as exceptional design and build quality."

Moreover, Baxter claimed that the navigation tools integrated in Nokia will allow the company to renounce their existing fleet of GPS units as well as reduce costs.

Security protocols have also been deployed on each smartphone, allowing the company to lockdown devices or remotely wipe each terminal in case of theft and other complications, all of these being done using Microsoft's ActiveSync product.

Windows Phone is proving to be the choice of many important individuals, with the CEO of AT&T Mobility bragging about the success of Windows Phone, especially with the launch of Windows 8 fast approaching.

Source: ZDNet