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CeX Expanding in UK And Worldwide

Computer Exchange (CeX) has expanded its operations this year by six stores, bringing the global number of outlets to 171. Three new ones include Banbury, Gravesend and Dalston, with St Helens, Glasgow and Poole getting their own shopfronts earlier in the year.

It's believed the store has done well in these relatively trying economic times due to very competitive pricing and sheet variety of stock. Instead of focusing just on hardware or software or music or movies, CeX shops offer a bit of everything. If you want a discount pre-owned console and a few games to go with it, or perhaps a couple of old CDs and cut price DVDs as well, you can pick it all up in one location - as well as an old mobile phone or a graphics card for your PC - though some of the PC hardware isn't priced quite as well as the media.

Apparently, the success of the brand has led to many independent stores to sell a wide range of products. It makes sense too, since anyone left standing now has watched the once mighty, relatively specialist GAME stores crumble around them, while new comers like CeX continue to soldier on by diversifying.

It's a tack taken by HMV too, which plans to focus more on music hardware with headphones becoming a bit part of its sales portfolio.

Source: MCVUK

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