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EU Research Halves 4G Energy Use

The EU-funded project, EARTH is developing unprecedented energy efficiency solutions for 4G and LTE mobile networks. The project, which runs until June, has optimised the energy use of base stations, which could cut mobile emissions in half and keep energy costs down - ultimately saving the consumer their hard-earned.

With 1.2 billion people using mobile broadband worldwide and hundreds of millions joining each year, estimates suggest the carbon footprint of mobile communications could triple from 2007 to 2020. This would see energy bills for mobile operators soar, passing costs on to the consumer as a result, so the benefits of EARTH's research promise to be far-reaching.

The new energy efficient solutions provided by EARTH has seen the project awarded the 2012 ‘Future Internet Award', and the products yielded are expected to be available on the market in 2014.

European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes said, "The ICT sector is growing but its carbon footprint should not follow. I congratulate the partners of the EARTH project who have found ways to deliver the services we need while reducing CO2 emissions and cutting down on energy bills".