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European Commission Watching Microsoft Over Browser Exclusion

European regulators announced this week that they would keep a close eye on Microsoft, regarding the latest complaints from Mozilla and Google about a possible decision of excluding any browser from an upcoming Windows 8 version.

The problem first begun when Mozilla worried about a possible exclusion of any 3rd party browsers in the classic desktop menu of the future ARM-based version of Windows 8, called RT. Later on, Google shared their fears about Chrome's future, reminding us that a precedent case was lost by Microsoft a few years ago over the same matter.

Antoine Colombani, spokesman for the European Commission, confirmed that the organisation is aware and will remain vigilant while overseeing Microsoft's compliance with current rules, which oblige Microsoft to provide links to other browsers from within Windows.

The problem with this antitrust decision valid since 2009 is that it refers only to regular computers and says nothing about tablets.

Senator Herb Kohl told TechWorldNews (opens in new tab)that the Senate Judiciary Committee will take a look into allegations that the OS might infringe with browser competition. But similar to Europe's legal syste, a loophole can also be found into US regulations, which only apply to Intel-compatible PC operating systems with Windows RT not being part of that category.

Source: ComputerWorld (opens in new tab)