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The final countdown to the London 2012 Olympics: Behind the scenes

Recently, we invited international journalists to a behind the scenes look at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Technology Operations Centre (TOC).

As the Olympic Games IT preparations near completion, we want to emphasise the unique challenges we face, and the importance of technology to the successful running of the London 2012 Games.

Unlike other IT projects, the Olympics are delivered and executed under the eyes of the world and there can be no delays. At the event, we gave a deep-dive into technology for London 2012, as well as explaining the pivotal role the TOC will play over the coming months.

Michele Hyron, our Chief Integrator for the Olympic Games in London, explained ATOS technology in practice with a live fencing demonstration, as well as providing an update on testing. Visit TOC's for more information.

(ed: Check the pictures we took when we visited the TOC a couple of weeks ago.)