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Four Benefits Of Office 365 Web Apps

In previous articles, we've mentioned how Microsoft Office 365 Web Apps are not as feature-rich as their local counterparts, for example, the Office 365 Word Web App doesn't have multi-user change tracking, mail merge, WordArt, Table of Contents and many other features compared to Microsoft Word 2010. The Web Apps do, however, have several advantages that could save valuable time and prevent potential disaster. Here are four:

Infinite document storage

As media files continue to increase in size, users can still run out of hard disk space. Depending on the subscription plan, Office 365 users can have as much hard disk space as they can consume, so administrators never have to worry about having to delete items to recover hard disk space. Users who don't have unlimited document storage in their subscription plan, still have 25GB of email storage.

No need to carry and protect heavy laptops

The days of having to carry bags containing heavy or large laptops are numbered. Ditto having to lock these away and remembering to collect them afterwards. Office 365 Web Apps can run on any device that has a browser such as an iPad or mobile phone. Microsoft's list of supported devices is growing on a monthly basis, but users have been able to access their Office 365 documents from several unsupported mobile devices.

Elimination of forgotten document syndrome

How many of us have, at one time in our lives, encountered the embarrassing situation when we forgot to bring a document print-out, laptop, or USB stick? By having your data in the Office 365 cloud, your documents are available anytime, anywhere, on any device - that includes viewing your documents on your mobile phone.

Minimise save disasters

A good practice when creating long or intricate documents, spreadsheets and presentations, is to regularly save them. However, many of us can get so caught up in the design and writing that we forget to save regularly. As a result, many have lost hours of hard work when either forgetting to save before shutting down or suffering from an unexpectant computer crash. One benefit of using the Web Apps is reduced data loss after scenarios such as these. When you create or edit Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations using the Office 365 Web Apps, they automatically save everything, the moment you write it. It's a pity this feature is not available in the Word Web App.

Although the Office 365 Web Apps are not as powerful as their on-premises counterparts, they have many benefits that reduce stress and could save us from an embarassing situation.