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Foursquare Announces Instant Merchant Verification Available Worldwide

Foursquare has now expanded its instant merchant verification scheme from the US to cover the globe.

On its Twitter account, the company announced: "Merchants: you're 90 seconds from connecting with customers! Instant verification is now available worldwide!"

Previously the service had been available in America from the start of this month, but the blog post announcing the initial launch was updated to note: "The instant verification process is now available everywhere in the world!"

The new system means that businesses can bypass the normal postal process of verification, which is pretty sluggish and generally takes around three to four weeks. Assuming the postal service doesn't see matters go awry even further, of course.

To get verified in just a minute or two with the new "instant" system costs you a one-time fee of 10 bucks.

What are the perks of being a verified business? Access to Foursquare's tools which allow you to review statistics about your visitors, offer customer promotions and special deals, and update your business listing info, among other tasks.

Foursquare notes that around 750,000 businesses have already signed up for these free merchant tools, and are using them to better reach and understand the 20 million users in the community.