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Google & Microsoft Target Amazon With Cloud Services

Some big news in the cloud world today, as it seems that both Google and Microsoft, no less, have got their sights on Amazon's cloudy domain.

Specifically, a source close to Google told Gigaom that the firm was building its own rival to Amazon's EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), and separate sources have confirmed that Microsoft is preparing to roll out an Infrastructure as a Service platform.

In fact, Microsoft's effort is likely to be pushed live first, with an announcement rumoured to be coming at the end of the first week in June. Google's solution likely won't see the light of day until nearer the end of 2012 - but naturally this is all just speculation.

It seems a likely move, though, and as Gigaom notes, renting out virtual servers in an Infrastructure as a Service model is where the big bucks are when it comes to cloud based computing.

Other sources have pestered Microsoft and Google for confirmation of these plans, but as ever, eliciting a comment proved as tricky as getting a nugget of nutritional value from a can of super strength lager (similar to the blood from stone scenario, just much harder).

Meanwhile, Amazon execs will doubtless be fidgeting uncomfortably at this development.

Source: Gigaom