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IBM Expands SmartCloud Capabilities

IBM has announced fresh advancements to its SmartCloud Services, and new partners on top of that.

The firm notes that it has seen impressive adoption of its SmartCloud portfolio, with a million enterprise application users working on the IBM Cloud, and over $100 billion in commerce transactions being conducted every year via the cloud.

IBM's SmartCloud Application Services (SCAS), which was launched as a platform-as-a-service beta in October of last year, is now being expanded to a full pilot scheme. The firm notes new customers are on board, such as CLD Partners.

Steve Clune, Founder and CEO of CLD, commented: "We share IBM's vision for how enterprise customers can achieve huge productivity gains by embracing cloud technologies. SCAS allowed us to utilize world class software in a managed environment that greatly reduced the complexity of the deployment while also providing for future scalability that our customers only pay for when they need it."

"Ultimately, traditional infrastructure planning and configuration that would have required weeks was literally reduced to hours. And future flexibility as infrastructure needs change is virtually limitless."

IBM also announced that TopCoder, the community of digital creators, is shifting its base of 400,000 plus developers to IBM SmartCloud Enterprise.

Ogilvy & Mather, the international marketing and PR firm, has also knocked on IBM's door, to migrate the agency from its current hosted environment to the SmartCloud for SAP Applications.

Furthermore, IBM notes that OTRUM , a provider of interactive TV solutions for the hospitality industry, is utilising the Cognos analytics tool on SmartCloud Enterprise to deliver custom analytics to more than 500 hotels.

Paul Loftus, general manager, IBM Global Technology Services, commented: "Companies are starting to understand that cloud is more than just about gaining efficiencies and cost savings, it's about driving the kind of fundamental innovation that provides lasting marketplace advantage."

"We are helping all kinds of clients manage enterprise applications and processes in the cloud as well as leverage new cloud centric applications while meeting their unique requirements for governance, security and portability."