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iCloud Data Centres To Use Green Energy

In order to address criticism from environmentalist groups, Apple announced that its US-based data centre for iCloud will only use renewable energy. Analysts have regarded the new server facilities with increased additional storage capacity as Apple's commitment to iCloud services.

Apple announced earlier this week that it would equip the server farms with technology from SunPower Corp and startup Bloom Energy. The company plans to build solar array installations in Maiden, North Carolina, close to the new data centre.

This solar farm will cover 250 acres and will be able to produce 84 million KWh of energy each year. The solar facility will be one of the largest in the US.

However, Apple doesn't plan to stop here. The company will also build a smaller bio-gas fuel-cell plant.

In a telephone interview with Reuters reporters, Apple CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, confirmed the building of two solar plants in order to allow the company to rely on green energy for the new data centres.

He also revealed future plans to develop a similar facility in Prineville, Oregon. "We haven't finalized our plans for on-site generation, but any power we need to run our center in Prineville that we get from the grid will be 100 per cent renewable and locally generated sources," he explained.

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Source: Reuters

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