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iCloud Users Suspect Security Breach At Apple’s Servers

The attack on several iCloud accounts has raised concerns among its users. They are worried that Apple's advertisement regarding iCloud security might not exactly live up to the truth.

On Apple's Support Communities forum, users have started a thread to detail their issues concerning the hacked iCloud accounts.

"I'm worried that Apple's iCloud servers themselves got hacked, as I see there are a few other people on the forums who are reporting that their account was used for spam in the past few hours," said SolarGaze, one of the users on the forum.

He explained that after working in IT for several years he knows how to password-protect his accounts. Still, his @me email account began sending spam email.

"I'm an IT professional with 10 years experience, and wouldn't fall for a phishing scam even on my drunkest of days," states TSnow20.

Other users say the same happened to their email accounts, used to spread commercial information to their friends' emails without their knowledge. The advertisement messages were found in the Sent folder from the iCloud accounts. Most of the spam emails promote methods for "making money on your home computer."

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