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ITProPortal Evening Roundup 18-05-12

The attack on several iCloud accounts has raised concerns among its users. They are worried that Apple's advertisement regarding iCloud security might not exactly live up to the truth. On Apple's Support Communities forum, users have started a thread to detail their issues concerning the hacked iCloud accounts.

Windows Phone hasn't been in existence for long in China, but Microsoft seems to have done a pretty good job, so far. Its mobile OS is already overtaking a big competitor in market share: Apple iPhone's iOS platform. According to Michel van der Bel, COO of Greater China Region at Microsoft, the company has managed to occupy 7 per cent of the mobile market share, outpacing iOS - which can only be found on 6 per cent of existing devices.

As part of a new plan to make criminal investigations more efficient, the Metropolitan Police will begin using a data extraction tool to capture call records, GPS information and other data from mobile phones, even on phones with locked SIMs. More than 300 police in 16 London boroughs will be trained to use the Aceso software, produced by the Southampton-based Radio Tactics, to investigate petty crimes such as burglary.

Google has been having a lot of fun integrating new features into Google+, including the adding of notifications into Gmail, and now the search giant has made further changes by ridding YouTube of the +1 feature and bestowing it upon Google+ instead.

Ralph de la Vega, CEO of AT&T Mobility, stated that sales for Windows Phone mobiles are more than pleasing and have exceeded expectations by proving to have a long-lasting momentum, one which is likely to increase when Windows 8 launches. The statement was made during the JP Morgan technology conference, where the AT&T's mobile chief described Windows Phone OS and the latest Lumia 900 as being simple, easy to use and intuitive.