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ITProPortal Morning Roundup 18-05-12

Specifications of the next rumoured HTC Android device have now been leaked online. The details are for the HTC Ville C, which looks to showcase a new version of the Sense UI. The new HTC Ville C appears to be a more affordable version of the One S, with the new device featuring the same eight-megapixel camera as in the One S.

Samsung Mobile UK has announced that some lucky customers will receive their pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S3 the night before its official release. Customers who ordered their new Galaxy S3 from the Samsung Brand Store in Westfield Stratford City will be able to receive their device - the night before general release, on the 30th May.

German antivirus vendor Avira on Wednesday issued a temporary fix for a bug that blocked trusted processes and safe applications, and in some cases even prevented PCs from booting. Avira also offered up more details about the glitch, which was found in a Monday software update issued to paid subscribers.

In an effort to regrow their own TV efforts and combat growing competition from South Korean firms like Samsung, Sony and Panasonic are in talks to mass produce the next generation of OLED TVs. The two firms plan to share their existing technologies to provide a more unified front against encroaching products from overseas.

A man has been jailed for a year and a half for distributing a supposed Call of Duty hack that sneaked in a trojan horse, allowing for the theft of credit card details which he then sold on for between $1 and $5. Twenty-year-old Lewys Martin from Kent used the trojan to monitor users' keystrokes, meaning he could easily catalogue financial details of his victims. In all it's thought he stole and eventually sold on the credit card details of more than 300 individuals.