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iTunes Store Filtering Jailbreak Queries

Apple's disapproval of jail broken iOS devices has recently extended to items in the iTunes Store. According to reports, the company has decided to filter the term "Jailbreak" in all the categories, including apps, songs, albums, podcast episodes, iTunes U episodes and even iBooks.

The Shoutpedia report, where the information first hit the headlines, has stated that over 95 per cent of jailbreak words in iTunes have been replaced with "j******k." Reportedly, the filter applies only to the US iTunes store.

Apple has stated in numerous occasions that the company considers jailbreaking iOS devices an act of copyright violation. Bypassing this restriction leads to the loss of warranty status on jailbroken devices.

iPhone and iPad owners are advised to download apps only from approved sources and not to step outside the company's boundaries. Apple fans, however, are used to "thinking differently" and developers take any opportunity as a challenge.

The latest jailbreak that has kept the community on the edge of their seats is the universal jailbreak from the notorious Pod2g. Redsn0w0.9.11b1 update, allowing a downgrade from iOS5.1.1, has now been released.

Source: Shoutpedia

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