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Kinect NUads Coming This Spring

Microsoft has just announced that NUads, the special system of ads and content sharing using Kinect technology, is going to roll out in "late spring". The system is expected to first hit Xbox 360 consoles and will later be adopted by Windows-running computers.

NUads takes advantage of the Kinect sensor by letting viewers interact with ads and share them direct from the Xbox 360 dashboard. This can be done simply by saying "Xbox share" to post an ad on Facebook. This system will also be also available for PCs, thanks to the Kinect for Windows hardware and SDK.

Although Microsoft's official goal with NUads is nothing more than simplifying the process of sharing advertisements, the Kinect sensor is built for a lot more than just identifying speech. But as many fear, some privacy issues may be involved.

Factos to be taken into account include the fact that the Kinect sensor can determine how many people are in a room as well as read their reactions to the ads, so Microsoft has warned developers that they will need to fully disclose how data is being used.

Early implementations of the style used in NUads can be found in applications like KinectShop, where the Kinect sensor can measure body dimensions of clients to ensure the most relevant size and style for clothing is selected.

However, the main purpose of NUads is to convince people to stop fast-forwarding through ads - and instead, to start sharing them.

Source: CNET