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Microsoft Discusses Windows 8 Store Permissions And Development

John Hanzen, program manager at Microsoft, recently talked about the installation and permissions of future Metro-style apps, those that will be found in the Windows Store. With the evolution of the software ecosystem, these two subjects are going to change for the better for developers and customers alike.

The good news is that Microsoft wants to simplify things, by allowing users to install applications from the Windows Store with just a click, following user feedback. Once installed, the software will be monitored for crashes and if the client stops working, a replacement install will be offered immediately.

Developers are urged to use the official SDK offered by the Windows Store when programming in Metro-style and although Microsoft acknowledges that it cannot entirely stop the use of other clients, this will be marked as a direct violation to the terms of use and will be punished as such.

All those installing content from the Store will have to be careful when reading the permission list as some of these applications will request access to precious resources, as different types of media libraries, the network, certain portions of user profiles plus others.

By default, none of these permissions will be included in the app template and developers will have to choose them manually.

Source: Building Windows 8