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Microsoft SkyDrive Now Has Short URLs For Files

Microsoft has taken the time to implement a long-requested feature into SkyDrive and now thanks to customer support, short URL links have been added. The new feature works great for those wanting to share files on social services like Twitter and the best part is that link creation is fully automatised.

Link sharing was integrated in SkyDrive as of December last year, when the service allowed users to create and share URLs for any file or folder found on the cloud. These links had customisable options, permitting those who view the file to edit it or even add more content to a folder.

The main issue with links was the length, with SkyDrive offering by default a pretty long URL. Now though, this problem has been resolved by shortening the regular URLs by 40 per cent as well as introducing a new "Shorten" button, which can be used to shorten these even further.

The feature was compiled in partnership with, with the new domain for SkyDrive URLs announced as

Each time these links are copied and pasted into place such as Facebook, a thumbnail preview will also appear, thanks to the OpenGraph support offered by Microsoft.

Since powers the engine, stats can also be viewed for each short link but this is not enabled by default. Those wishing to take advantage of reports can simply add a "+" at the end of the link or ".qrcode" to generate a mobile sharable URL.

Source: Windows Steam Blog