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NCC Group Report: UK In Top Ten Hacking Nations

For the first time ever, the UK is in the top ten nations for hacking, according to NCC Group.

The Origin of Hacks report for Q1 2012 also showed that the number coming from Russia and the Netherlands rose steeply along with the UK. However, the most hack-happy nation holding the number one spot in the global rankings is the US, with 17 per cent of worldwide hacks found to originate from there. China is in second place, some way behind on 13 per cent.

Russia rose sharply to take the third spot, on 12 per cent (up from 3.5 per cent in the last report), and the Netherlands was fourth on 11 per cent.

They were followed by the Ukraine (4 per cent), Germany (2.5 per cent), and the UK in seventh place on 2.4 per cent. South Korea was followed by Denmark and Brazil to round off the top ten nations, all of which were a smidgeon over 2 per cent, with very little between them.

Detected hacking incidents fell in India, Italy and France, all of whom slid out of the top ten.

Rob Cotton, CEO of NCC Group, commented: "Cyber-crime is perpetually evolving - the dramatic increase of hacks from certain countries over a three month period just goes to show the fluidity and quick-changing nature of the issue."

"Because cyber-crime develops and alters on a daily basis, so too must the counter-measures. We need greater agility and collaboration on an international scale."