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New App Details Revealed For Windows 8 Release Preview

Microsoft has pretty much fine tuned Windows 8, but the most significant element missing from this is the decent range of applications.

The software maker has come forward to offer consumers a sneak preview into what the next version will feature. The information was leaked directly from a Microsoft source and presents details related to the Photos, Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging apps.

Firstly, the Photos software will come with a clean and smooth user interface, which will redirect the user to various places such as the library, Facebook, Flickr and other devices using SkyDrive. The ability to import content from a camera has also been added.

The Mail app now has a refined UI, allowing users to add attachments and other helpful elements to a message. Notifications have been fixed, and the Messaging app now supports offline messages for both Facebook Chat and Messenger contacts.

The Calendar software has been upgraded to enable and disable individual calendars, as well as support notifications and the ability to create colour codes. A nicer layout for the "What's New" module of the People app has been also created, now doing de-duplication of contacts and upgrading the photos of each contact.

Unfortunately, Windows Reader has not been changed but Microsoft promises a couple of new Metro-style apps in Release Preview soon.

Source: WinSupersite