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Nine Million Samsung Galaxy S3 Phones Have Been Ordered

Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3, was announced on May 3rd and has now reached nine million pre-orders. More than 100 carriers around the world have offered the third generation Galaxy S model to their subscribers, even before the smartphone has become available.

Android fans have wasted no time and have registered online, to be the first in line, to get Samsung's Galaxy S3. Korea Economic Daily, quoted by Reuters, has reported the record pre-order sales numbers for the device.

The newspaper also said Samsung's factories are working at full capacity and are delivering five million units every month. The previous model, the Galaxy S2, reached the figure of 20 million - ten months after its release.

According to recent studies from Gartner, Samsung became the market leader, as the global top smartphone manufacturer. The South Korean tech giant managed to dethrone Nokia after 14 years of market dominance.

The first customers expected to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the German buyers. Later, other national markets will follow. In US, the latest Samsung smartphone is expected to reach sometime in June, at the earliest.

Source: Reuters


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