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PlayStation Network Adds Pre-Loading

Sony's PlayStation Network now has a pre-loading system, similar to that found on digital download platforms like Steam, meaning gamers can buy/pre-order a game before release and download and install it so that it's ready to play immediately upon launch day.

Not only does this system play into the fact that a gamer desperate to play an upcoming title might buy it simply to have it all ready - instead of perhaps waiting for reviews to be released to confirm if it's good - but it can help ease problems with every user attempting to download or login to the game at once on release day.

If anything, Diablo III's problematic launch could be considered a perfect example of just such an issue and how it could easily be avoided.

The first game to support this new feature is the Move Motion supporting Sorcery, set to be released over the next week.

Source: Gamasutra

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