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Private Social Network Everyme Arrives On Web And Android

Everyme, a private social network that up to up until now was only available on the iPhone, has announced its expansion to both the Web and Google's Android operating system.

Initially set up as a social address book, Everyme is establishing itself as a "private" social network - with users only sharing information with whoever they choose.

"We want people to feel comfortable sharing anything with anyone," explained Everyme CEO Oliver Cameron. "We don't have any privacy settings. It's very clear and concise exactly who you're sharing with."

Everyme was founded last year under the Y Combinator initiative, evolving from a mobile address book assistant to a private social network - allowing people to create automatic groups known as "magic circles", compiling data from your address book plus your social network information.

Sharing photos and updates within these circles, users can also set up "Magic Stories", which analyses your social network feeds to pick out certain data such as important updates and birthdays.

Cameron began the Everyme project to help other users find their comfort zone - referencing the flawed idea of 'Friending' and how people's sharing habits alter when friending those outside of their private circles.

"My sharing from that point on is completely changed," says Cameron. "I have to think about what I'm sharing, who I'm sharing with and if that person is actually going to like this content or respond to it."

Source: USA Today

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