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Samsung Omnia M Available Online For £235

Samsung's Omnia M smartphone has already been listed as being available to buy on a mobile phone web store, even though the smartphone was only officially released on the 11th of May.

The device now has been listed at €294 on the Italian retailer ePrice. That works out at £235 for the Samsung handset, which is significantly more expensive than other devices of similar specifications.

The Samsung Omnia M will arrive with a 4in Super AMOLED display and runs the Windows Phone 7.5 'Mango' OS. It features a single-core 1GHz processor and 384MB of RAM The device also has a five-megapixel camera, with 4GB of internal storage.

Looks-wise, the Omnia M resembles Samsung's Galaxy S2, with its slim design, large screen and rear-facing camera.

The Nokia Lumia 710, also runs Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, has a slightly smaller screen, at 3.7in, but contains a faster 1.4GHz Snapdragon processor and 512MB of RAM. This handset can be found for around £30 to £50 cheaper, than Samsung's Omnia M.

Perhaps it is a mistake on ePrice's part, or maybe the price will become reduced when the smartphone is more widely available. But with other smartphones, at a similar specification level, being considerably cheaper, you have to wonder how well the Samsung Omnia M will sell.