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Silicon Micro Display Introduces ST1080 Wearable Display

With the tech industry attempting to make waves with wearable gadgetry such as Google's recently patented Project Glass spectacles, it's now the turn of Silicon Micro Display, who has started rolling out the ST1080 - an impressive head-mounted display.

The Cambridge-based company came up with the head-mounted display, with the device advertised as the first in the world to offer a "native 1080 (2M pixel) personal viewing experience."

The ST1080 glasses from Silicon Micro Display promise "full HD" resolution due to the LCoS microdisplay technology. The portable display is designed to help users get a different viewing experience whilst watching a Blu-ray movie, or playing a game.

Work on the computer or laptop can become a lot more fun with these glasses, promises the company behind the product. The wearable display can provide either 2D or 3D content and full resolution mode for 720p or 1080p.

Highlights include a virtual display of 100 inch at 10 ft. (2.54 metres at 3 metres), plus the device is extremely light, weighing only 180g. Customers can pre-order the ST1080 head displays for $800 (£505) in either pearl white or jet black models.

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