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Steve Jobs Worked On A Bigger iPhone Screen

One of the many reasons Apple fans jumped to the iPhone 4S, was the nostalgic feeling that this was the last Steve Jobs handset. Recent rumours suggest the late Apple CEO not only approved, but also designed the sixth generation iPhone, which is expected to move away from the iconic 3.5in size.

"Three people with knowledge of the plans" point to Apple's intent to revamp the iPhone design, in order to adapt to market tendencies. Rival smartphones now feature larger displays and have set the market standard, such as the recent additions to the Samsung Galaxy S range.

Reports have stated that Apple has already placed manufacturing orders to its suppliers for larger iPhone screens. Moreover, "Apple co-founder Steve Jobs had worked closely on the redesigned phone before his death in October", notes Bloomberg, quoting anonymous sources.

Apples' iPhones are already topping the charts on consumer satisfaction, mobile browsing, and sales. This might not last long, if the next iPhone doesn't adjust to the customers' needs.

In the last years, the smartphone users were relying on their devices for tasks like web browsing, games, reading and video streaming - all of these perform better, on larger screens.

Source: Bloomberg

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