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Windows 8 Release Preview To Include Metro Multiple Monitor Enhancements

Multiple monitor support has been prevalent in Windows for quite some time now, but the operating system lacked some fine details that were made available with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. However, these concepts have further been improved with the upcoming release to feature some interesting additions.

In a Building Windows 8 blog post which has since been deleted, Mark Yalovsky of Microsoft spoke about improving mouse targeting on shared edges and the ability to launch Metro-style applications on any monitor.

It was known that the Consumer Preview would bring an extended taskbar across all monitors, while stretching the wallpaper to fit all panels. Also, the ability to change this wallpaper on each display has finally been integrated after several months of beta testing, following feedback sent to Microsoft.

In the last milestone before Windows 8 is launched, Microsoft has added the possibility of launching the Metro Start Screen on any monitor as well as bringing up the charms bar, moving Metro apps and fast-switching from any panel.

This version will also include a feature called "real corners" that can be seen around shared edges, a feature which basically improves the functionality of edges and allows the activation of certain edge elements (as the Charms bar) and does not slide right away into the next monitor, as it did with Consumer Preview.

Microsoft concluded by saying that even more additions are in the works and the company plans to enhance the experience even further.

Source: Neowin