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Windows Phone Users Are Advised To Update To WP7.5

Microsoft is reminding Windows Phone users not to waste any time in updating to Windows Phone 7.5. Its users will need this version in order to update, download or buy apps from the Marketplace.

Last month, Microsoft announced some future changes to its mobile app platform. Users will not be able to purchase Windows Phone apps using Zune PC software.

Moreover, the Windows Phone 7.5 version will soon become compulsory for app purchases, in a move designed to "force upgrade." Microsoft has informed users that the Zune HD app store will remain open, even after the changes take effect.

Zune software will remain an essential tool for making backup copies of photos and videos stored on the users' devices. "We're now doing the final work needed to turn on this new requirement, so I thought it would be a good time for another friendly reminder," stated Microsoft on the official blog.

The company explained that the changes will help improve the Marketplace.

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