YouTube Phases Out +1 Button, Share Your Feelings Instead On Google+

Google has been having a lot of fun integrating new features into Google+, including the adding of notifications into Gmail, and now the search giant has made further changes by ridding YouTube of the +1 feature and bestowing it upon Google+ instead.

Here's the explanation made by the YouTube team:

"Starting today, we're updating the way you can share with your Google+ circles from YouTube. Just click ‘Like' or ‘Share' as usual, and you'll see the new Google+ Share link, as well as other popular service."

Now users can 'Like' or 'Share' as they please by posting to a plethora of social networks. Yet many are wondering about the distinct lack of the +1 feature that would allow users to add items to their Google+ profiles as objects of interest - and not of sharing value.

This is how the new function will appear:

Convo 22 520x261 No more 1s on YouTube now youll have to share your feelings on Google

It seems that Google is focusing its energy on making its services more sociable, with the newest feature sure to provoke more interaction than the simple statement of a +1.

Source: TNW