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Amazon To Sell Ads On Kindle Fire

Before it has even hit UK shores, Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet has opened itself up for welcome screen adverts.

Currently rated as's best-selling product, home page exposure on the tablet offers a major opportunity for companies worldwide. But it won't come cheap, as an agency executive has revealed Amazon will demand $600,000 (£379,000) for any package that includes such an ad.

According to some sources, by selling the Kindle Fire at a modest $199, Amazon loses nearly $3 on every unit it sells. But attracting buyers to the ‘prime' adds on the 7in device could certainly claw back some of the loss.

The prime packages buy you two months of your advert being displayed every time a Kindle Fire powers up. However some may feel a little a short-changed when they realise this doesn't cover the ‘sponsored screensaver' ads that appear whenever the tablet is shut down.

Meanwhile the waiting game continues for prospective Kindle Fire buyers in the UK. The last news on an official release was that there was no news. Leaving eBay as the only potential British supply route just now.

Source: Ad Age Digital