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RunCore Launches Self-Destructing SSD

SSD manufacturer RunCore has revealed a new self-destructing drive targeting professionals and enterprises who deal in sensitive data.

The drive, called InVincible, offers users two ways to keep information protected from third party access. Through a wire connectable to the drive, users can choose either intelligent or physical destruction, represented by a green or red button.

The intelligent destruction method involves uninitialising the InVincible by pressing the green button. In other words, the SSD is wiped clean and reverts to its original factory settings. Rather conveniently, a drive that has undergone intelligent destruction is reusable as a blank state.

The second method is a drive that physically self-destructs. Upon pressing the red button, an over-current is sent through the flash memory, literally destroying the SSD until it smokes. Though there's no chance of recovery, it offers guaranteed data protection.

RunCore has yet to disclose the InVincible's pricing, but chances are it'll cost a pretty penny.