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AMD Presents Piledriver-flavoured Embedded APU

AMD has announced the availability of a new range of APUs (Application Processing Units) based on its Piledriver core called the R Series.

The Trinity family was the first one to get an infusion of Piledriver and the R Series is set to be used in digital signage, point of sale systems, kiosks and possibly even mobile devices.

The R Series will be available in dual and quad core configuration with BGA and PGA packages offered. TDP will vary between 17W and 35W with an average power usage of 13W. Impressively, the chips will be clocked between 1.6GHz and 2.3GHz.

The most interesting titbit though is the fact that the R Series contains a discrete graphics core, the Radeon HD 7000, which can decode video at full HD resolutions and can be used in a "dual graphics configuration" with another discrete card to more than double performance.

Other features include a "Secure Asset Management Unit" which deals more efficiently with DRM-protected content, display resolutions of up to 8K at 30Hz using a single display output and support for up to four displays using a single APU.

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